The Tempest, The Light, and Evil on the Rise


even "heroes" need to chill sometimes

Our "heroes" went looking for answers from Archmage Yara, who was just as concerned as they upon the reports of necromancy; She had recently put an end to something similar on College grounds. She translated Varian's journal, which mostly had to do with experiments the necromancer had been working on, luckily with no success — He was building undead. There were notes about the Book of Baal, though they were vague. Someone named Jayce has been sent to search for it.

After their rather gloomy meeting, Yara was happy to offer our "heroes" and their friends a rather spacious suite in which to stay and rest for the night, providing them with hot baths, food and drink, featherbeds, and plenty of lounging area.

Meanwhile, Randy has a task to do for Bes …



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