The Tempest, The Light, and Evil on the Rise



It was dark but he knew it was Helios. Not this again, he thought. He went up the path toward the temple. As he did, he realized it was utterly silent. Even his footfalls made no sound. When he cleared the slope, he was relieved to see the temple still stood. But he also saw Heironeous and Obelix fighting each other viciously. Sparks flew off of Obelix's scales and bones as Heironeous's summoned weapons of light struck him over and over. The colossal dragon gave a silent roar. For a moment, it seemed as though the beast would fall. Instead it was the Paladin. Obelix threw him into the ground. Obelix's awful green stare met his gaze and held it as he slammed his fist down. The dragon's hoarse voice broke the silence, "I told you. Your god cannot save you."

Bael woke in a mild state of panic. It took him a few moments to realize where he was. Red Gate. He was fine. He hoped he hadn't woken the others; It was only the middle of the night. He took a shaky breath and ran his hands through his hair, then carefully crawled out of bed. He got dressed and began to pace around the house. Surely the rest of the Guardians would be gathered soon.

Half an hour before dawn he climbed up onto the roof and waited for the sun. He heard Mazadul grumbling quietly where he lay behind the house. He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing, feeling the warmth of the pale morning light. He held onto that warmth, used it to focus and anchor himself. Where are you? he wondered. Still, the calm he needed continually slipped away from him. Something was throwing him off balance.

He kept on like this for almost three hours.

Frustrated and exhausted, he climbed back down to the balcony of his bedroom and went inside. Why can't I find you? he thought, sitting on his bed. Why can't you hear me? He held his hand out into the golden light that shined into the room. It was warm and soft, like Heironeous's touch. Bright, like his eyes. Comforting, like his voice… He was sad and worried, but the sunlight made him smile. Heironeous was still with him.

I'll find you.



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