The Tempest, The Light, and Evil on the Rise

The Ekho Mountains



A massive mountain range, separating The North from the other realms. Consists of three large main mountains: Helios in the East, central Nomos, and Nyx in the West.

Mount Helios – Located in Eunomia, Helios is home to the Lighthammer dwarves; Clerics, mostly. Some leave Helios for Silver City to become Paladins, join the Order.

Mount Nomos – The central realm takes its name from this great mountain. Nomos is home to many — the dragons and their riders at the academy, the city of Red Gate, and the Steelfist dwarves. The Steelfist dwarves are blacksmiths, the best in all the realms. Quality.

Mount Nyx – Nyx is located in The Vale, Gliss. Little is known about Nyx, but to hear a Bard tell it … Nyx is plentiful in moonstone and adamantine. It gleams in the moonlight. Songs are sung of an ancient Adamantine dragon that has been rumored to inhabit the mountain. Some believe the dragon to be the goddess Nyx herself. The Vale holds many secrets. Moonstone boulders!



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