The Tempest, The Light, and Evil on the Rise

The Four Realms


Aisling (pronounced "ashling") – the four realms


Eunomia - Western realm, consists of the eastern mainland coast and a large island. Its capitol is Silver City, located on the island, home to the Paladin Order Hall. Lawful goodness.

Nomos – Central realm, surrounding Mount Nomos. Its capitol is Red Gate, home to the Dragon Rider Academy. Chaotic fun!

Thalia – Southern realm, focused on trade and the arts. Its capitol is Meadewell, an artisan city, home to the Bard Colleges. ANYWAY ….. here's Wonderwall.

Gliss - Eastern realm, often called The Vale by those not familiar with it. Home to many a mystery, including the secluded Mage Colleges. Gliss has no capitol city and is a place of magic itself. It is said to be the home of Sylvanus, the god of forests, as much of the realm is heavily wooded. Magic. Druids.



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