The Tempest, The Light, and Evil on the Rise

The North - A Forgotten Realm



Once called Astera, too many years ago, The North was a place of the hunt, of survival. The people were a hard people, shaped by their harsh environment. Astera had had a capitol city, Windshear, for trade and a place to make merry. White dragons that inhabited the land never seemed a threat. In fact, they seemed to protect the capitol, watch over it …  That's what the bardic stories say anyway.

Astera is cut off from the other realms by the Ekho mountain range. Red Gate is the only known, or remaining, pass though the mountains to Astera. The passes through Mount Helios in the East and Mount Nyx in the West have long disappeared. Lost.

The cause for Astera's downfall is unclear. There are no records of the time; not even the Bard Colleges or the Mages of The Vale have recorded history from Asteral The fall was so sudden, the stories say. The people disappeared, along with their gods. Some say the gods buries their people and their cities under layers of snow and ice. What for? Gods have their reasons, I suppose. It was a long time ago.



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