The Tempest, The Light, and Evil on the Rise

Too Much

Bael led Taipan and Randy up to Emily's office. The door was open just a crack and when he pushed it open, he froze. There sat Emily at her desk. And sitting on the edge of her desk was Jenneva. He couldn't move. He couldn't think.

As the other two entered the office, yelling and approaching them, he couldn't do anything but meet his sister's calm gaze. Hello Bael, he heard in the back of his mind. She spoke to him in this manner as things escalated.

He looked from Jenneva to Emily, whose eyes were glazed over. Undead. He turned his blank stare back to his sister. I'm sorry we had to meet again like this, he heard her say. I need to tell you some things.

He was no longer seeing anything. He felt an awful flux of emotions: fear, rage, sorrow, confusion, helplessness…. He remembered the moment she left them to die. He remembered his fight with Emily. He remembered his talk with Gu'Rock and the Paladin's memories of Obelix's attack on Silver City. So please, just listen to me.

Jenneva had approached him, touched his cheek. She leaned into him and said very quietly, "I'm sorry about your friend." She sounded quite sarcastic, but in a way she meant it. She never wanted to hurt him but she saw that she truly had. And when she felt Taipan restrain her and saw Bael's gaze turn from a blank stare to a furious glare, she braced herself. When Bael threw the punch, she quickly teleported behind Taipan.

But most importantly, you want to know how you came to live again, yes? Well. He heard her chuckle. I love you, Bael. You are my twin. And because of that, when everyone else denied Emily the ability to bring you back, I made a deal. I made a deal with something very powerful. I had to give up everything I knew. I gave up my alchemy, I gave up my soul, and in return you were given your life back. You and Mazadul both.

Bael apologized to Taipan so quickly, summoning up a little bit of divine magic with quite a bit of trouble and gently placing his hand on her cheek where he had hit her. So sorry to have to do this to your little plaything, he heard Jenn say. He looked past Taipan as he heard the familiar sound of the Magic Missile spell, followed by the crackling of electricity.

Jenneva grabbed Randy by the throat, little bits of lightning arcing down her arm to her hand. She said, "Perhaps you need to feel the fury of your god." She shocked him hard and she chuckled a little as Randy spit at her. "Feisty." She released him and went around the other side of the desk. "Perhaps you need some time to cool off," she called to them all. "I'll see you again soon."

Goodbye for now. Bael was headed past Taipan as Jenneva placed her hand on Emily's shoulder and shifted planes. He stopped short as they disappeared. Slowly, he sat down on the floor. He could hear things being gone through rather roughly. He stared at the floor.

Emily. She's dead. She's dead and I could have done something about it if I hadn't fucked around in Silver City. She'd still be alive if I would have just answered…….. He felt so heavy. I should have talked to her. I never should have held that grudge against her. I'm a fucking idiot. He felt panic closing in upon his heart. And Jenn. She did this. She did this and she ……….. she gave up her life's work and her soul just for Maza and I to have our lives back. What … what can I even begin to think about that? What did she make a deal with? She could have left me dead. Maybe she should have left me dead. But……….

He glanced at Randy, then at Taipan, then he put his face in his hands. He didn't know what to do now. He felt stupid. Jenneva was a huge threat and she was slippery as hell. He felt himself going numb, detaching from everything around him. He let his hands fall and he stared ahead. His eyes were deep, dark voids. He knew he should be getting up off of the floor, doing something …. anything at all. But he couldn't bring himself to move. Their voices echoed in his head, Jenneva and Obelix.

His sister had already left them for dead and killed his friends, Obelix was a confirmed dracolich, and he was losing his connection with Heironeous. What are we going to do? he thought, the numbness taking over. But still, hot tears fell, streamed down his cheeks. It was too much.



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