The Tempest, The Light, and Evil on the Rise

Weakening Bonds

Obelix's spirit rose from Pelial's ruined corpse and hovered there, an awful smoky shadow with green eyes.

Bael struggled to his feet, holstering Good News, gripping Lightbringer tightly in his left hand. He stormed toward the spirit, seething. "Get away from him. Leave! You've ruined enough lives! You've killed enough innocent people! GET OUT OF HERE!" he screamed in Infernal. Lightbringer started to take on a weak glow. But as he got closer, he was eventually stopped in his tracks. He froze. Fear gripped him tightly.

Obelix chuckled, a green glow coming from between awfully sharp teeth. "Oh, Guardian… Paladin… Son of Baal," he rumbled, "remember what I told you." He disappeared into the air.

Bael watched him go, sheathing Lightbringer. He turned his gaze to Pelial. He felt an awful ache in his chest. This was a dragon he'd known for almost fifty years.

Randy cast a spell upon the golden dragon and his eyes took on a soft blue glow. He lifted his head off of the ground just a little bit. They began to ask him a series of questions. Things like: How did Obelix come to possess you/Who did this? Where/when did you die? Where do you remember being last? Last wishes? A couple of these didn't get clear answers, as Pelial does not know he had died. However, he remembers Mount Helios and he knew that Obelix ordered someone to kill his Rider. When the spell ended, his eyes lost the glow and his head fell back to the ground.

Bael bit his lip and held back tears and he turned around and walked away. He went to Mazadul.

The big red dragon carefully picked him up in one hand and held him to his chest, grumbling softly. He had his eyes on Pelial, too. He felt Bael shaking in his hand, heard him sobbing quietly. He felt immense sorrow but also great rage — Obelix had no right to do this, even from the beginning. They had been incredibly wronged. The whole world had been wronged. And what Obelix was doing now was …… beyond horrific. He noticed Randy had called upon Aura and that she had actually appeared to them in her physical form. He carried Bael back to the small group and set him down near Randy.

Bael, with shaking hands, attempted to use Lay on Hands to heal Randy's wounds and few broken bones. He focused as best he could, having a hard time finding the warm connection he had with Heironeous. He tried for some time before he finally gave up. Why? He went to sit between Mazadul and Pelial, gently placing a hand on the golden dragon's side. This was …. This was something he was having a hard time handling. He let his hand fall and he stared blankly at the ground, hearing Aura speaking with Taipan and Randy but not actually hearing their words.

Obelix's words echoed in his mind. "Remember what I told you," he had said. "Your god cannot save you now."

Bael closed his eyes, putting his face in his hands. Heironeous. He was shaking. Please talk to me. He'd been trying to meditate each day but he kept having some trouble keeping his focus. It was getting harder and harder to make contact. At least tell me you can hear me. Tears were coming again and he forced them away. Please …. I need you.


Silence for a long time, and then: Bael. My light, I can hear you. Something is wrong.

Bael, though relieved to hear him after almost a week of silence, felt his heart sink further. It feels like our connection is weakening. What's happening?

Another long silence, followed by: I don't know. I am …. I can feel myself growing weak.

Bael was tensing up to the point he was giving himself a headache. What is doing this? He waited. He got no response. Heironeous? He made a very quiet frustrated noise and he looked up from his hands. Aura was still with them. Where are you? He wanted so badly to leave now and go to Mount Helios but Red Gate was a priority right now.

……….. where are you?



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